Tuesday – Another emotional day :'(


Well I’m still here despite what happened yesterday. Still emotional and even more so as the day has gone on.

Was woken at 6.30 to have my blood pressure etc taken. Then about 15 mins later to have my blood taken. But they didn’t wake me to have a much needed cup of tea and breakfast. So not a great start. But a bit later along comes a lovely young nurse and solves this problem for me! Not feeling too great today, blood pressure low, maybe that doesn’t help.

I get a porter just turning up saying I had to go for an ultrasound of heart. I have no idea when any of this is going to happen, but as he was so nice I didn’t mind!!!

Just as I take my first bite of my ‘very appetising’ lunch another different doctor arrives. Don’t think I have had a hot drink yet (apart from my early morning cup of tea) since I’ve been in here, they all have a knack of turning up at mealtimes or drinktimes!! Anyway I can’t remember all this doctor said at the minute, I do suffer with confusion I’m afraid. Yes I am going mad 😦 but it’s also a side effect of my liver problem. (I will fill you in with what I have actually got wrong with me at a later date). She was very surprised that the transplant co-ordinator had not been to introduce herself to me, that normally happens on Monday she said. I will send her an email to see if she knows you are in the hospital!!!!!

Then this happens … (sorry I haven’t worked out everything about transferring the photos from my phone at the minute so it seems there’s 1 big and 1 small one) and in a different place in my blog to where I actually wanted them :/

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