Saturday, Sunday, Monday – Poorly poorly poorly days šŸ’Š


HELLO! I’m back in the world of the living at last – well I think I am anyway.

I had such a bad night Friday night. I couldn’t settle then when I did I woke up a few hours later not knowing what to do with myself. I felt sick and I can’t explain the rest! just very unwell. Eventually slept.

Saturday felt very unwell. Wasn’t with it. Saturday night still unwell so as my two daughters were going out I stayed at my sisters because couldn’t really be left alone. But I did manage to get some sleep that night.

Sunday morning I was really disappointed to find I was still feeling unwell. Maybe lunchtime picked up a tiny bit but think backache started. Then think I found the culprit, shingles rash. Sunday evening couldn’t sit still, had enough by this time, I went to bed. Woke in night then woke early this morning. Still have backache, very weak and tired but a bit more with it I think and wanting to actually pick up my blog to update it and do other jobs, which I have had no incentive to do or been able to do, all weekend. I have had Shingles before but this is definitely the worst it has made me feel. Absolutely terrible.

So QE Hospital in Birmingham has been rung. I’ve been to the doctor and she says its Shingles. More tablets šŸ˜¦ So I’m now waiting to hear back from Birmingham but I will be off the transplant list until I have recovered from this.

I have been very tearful with my daughter this morning about all the goings on and what I feel like, what I can do etc. And I know I’m really annoying everybody else as well as her. So I’m sorry …

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  1. Hi val hope it ok after a rubbish weekend probably wasn’t the best but we all love u and also it backache has gone because u need to be on that transplant list we want u to live xxx ā¤


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