Saturday 21st February – Aaaarrgghh šŸ˜±


I can remember that I didn’t feel too well. 

I went out with Gary and his daughter Emma to look at a car that she was looking to buy. As I wasn’t feeling too good I sat in the car and waited while they sussed it out and went for a test drive! 

Then we went back to Gary’s mum and dads and had a cup of tea and I had a rock cake that Gary’s dad had made – yum.

In the car on the way home my phone rings …

I swear, I cry, I text the kids and Gary drops me off at home to get my bags ready. Robyn, Leah and me all cuddle and cry and don’t know what to do next. Gradually we pull ourselves together and all start to get our bags ready, well me and Leah mainly. Robyn’s is already packed, the bag rather big and crammed with enough stuff for a 2 week holiday šŸ˜ƒ

The co-ordinator rings back after giving me about 10 minutes for it to sink in, and tells me where to go when we get to the hospital and other information like that.

(I know I ruined everyone’s plans because Robyn and Leah were almost ready to go out and Emma should have been staying at Gary’s house for the night. So sorry everybody for that).

I think we left the house at about 8.30pm and got to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham probably about an hour later.

A nurse called Robyn (can you believe) came to ask me lots of questions and filled in the paperwork. Then we all decided to try and get some sleep!! Gary was in an armchair. Leah propped herself up on the floor between the wall and the window, and also tried the bed and even the sink! she tells me. Robyn was on a chair with her head resting on MY BED – least I was comfortable!

But I don’t think too much sleep was had.

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