Hot ☀️


Wednesday 1st July

Happy 21st Birthday Jack 🎉 Hope you have a lovely day.

I didn’t really need to say anything to the doctor about how fed up I was because when he came round he told me that I was being transferred to Birmingham. They had decided that they wanted me there. I think my family were quite pleased about this. I wasn’t, it makes visiting so much more difficult.

So I spent the day just waiting. It was a very very hot day (in fact turned out to be the hottest in a long time I think!) and I was very hot. I ended up having to have the nurses’ fan from their desk because my heart was racing a bit. That was quite lovely actually.

I was off. One minute they didn’t know a time I would be leaving, the next minute they were waiting for me. I was to go by ambulance 🚑 but not with the blue lights flashing and sirens blaring. It was quite a hot sticky journey, there was air conditioning but it wasn’t really doing much. My temperature was still up. It was a bit uncomfortable at times. A long journey (took almost two hours) in the back of an ambulance on a hot, hot day. I could think of much better things I would rather be doing. We got there in the end (just before 6pm I think it was) through loads of traffic. The two lady paramedics were very nice so being able to have a bit of a chat made it a bit more bearable.

I was in ward 727 side room 7. Top floor, penthouse suite I call it!!! When I have been in the QE before I have been in ward 726 and got to know the staff there, so even this was annoying for me. If I had to be stuck back in here, it would have been so much nicer having nurses around that actually knew me.

A nurse took my blood pressure etc and eventually a junior doctor came, took some blood and put a new cannula in. She said the registrar would be round to see me shortly. Well, as always, it took him quite a few hours. He just said that he would be gathering all my results together really and having a good look through them. 

Nothing was going to happen until the morning at this time in the evening.

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