Rainy day/Sunny day ☔️☀️


Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th August

It decided to rain on Wednesday. And rain. And rain. 

Emma has a friend that has just moved to Cornwall so we took her and Jamie to Newquay so they could meet. The traffic was awful trying to get in to the centre of Newquay so when we had dropped them off we carried on a bit further down the coast to Perranporth. Had something to eat and went in and out a few shops and then it was time to go back and pick up the others. Had a bit of a scenic drive back, along the coast road! We did pass some lovely little coves.

Then we had some food shopping to do. As we were going to be late back to the van the others decided they wanted Chinese takeaway to eat. So I decided I was going to have cheese and crackers. But what I actually ended up eating was a triple chocolate cookie and some Sahara nuts from the clubhouse later. Naughty me :/

Luckily for us holidaymakers there was an amazing change in the weather overnight. Thursday was hot and sunny. We went to Port Isaac first. Just wandered about in the sun and in and out whichever of the gift shops took our fancy. Had a little walk on the beach in the harbour where Jamie and Gary were enjoying themselves looking for some ‘treasure’!


That was a nice morning. We walked back to the car park along the coast path. Quite a walk and all uphill but I made it 🙂 Then we set off for the beach nearby where the others already were. After a while I decided I wanted to go and clamber over the rocks and see if there were any creatures in the rock pools. Just saw a few very very tiny fish. I paddled my feet as me and Gary walked along the edge of the sea.
Sorry I know the photo’s not too great :/

Another good long walk.

We were having another barbecue tonight. Jamie and Gary had bought some squid and some tiger king prawns when we were at Port Isaac, so they barbecued them as well. No thanks, not for me, I stuck to the sweet chilli chicken, sausage and a salad!

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