Another 12 donors πŸ˜ƒ


Friday 23rd October

Organ Donation promotion day.

Robyn was helping me with all of it. Lynda came for a few hours in the middle of the day. Leah came up on her lunch break. Hannah came on her lunch break. Julie called in after work. And Gary popped in a couple of times.


It was quite nice seeing some of ‘my regular customers’ from when I was working on the tills. They all seemed pleased anyway to see me again :/    I managed to grab most of them I think to have a go on the stall. We were doing a mini tombola to help attract people over. And we had post it pads, Love your Liver ribbons and wristbands to sell for British Liver Trust. But mainly our aim was to get people to sign up to become an Organ Donor. Also as Robyn was there to witness it, this meant she could add them to the numbers for her challenge. Visit to find out more.

I had asked our little local paper ‘Chipping Norton News’ to call in if they could which they did. They took some photos and took a few details down so hopefully we will be in the December edition of that.
We got 12 people to sign up to become Organ Donors today. And we gave out many more leaflets, so hopefully some of them will decide to sign up too in their own time. We raised Β£129.34 which I am sending off to British Liver Trust. For just a small stall in a local supermarket I think we did quite well πŸ™‚

My body didn’t do quite so well though. My back and my feet were killing me. I sat down on a nearby bench when I got the chance, but that didn’t last for long. And I was so cold in there, had my coat on and I was still shivering. I tried to ignore it all and just got on with things. It was fun though, a good successful day.

Then all I really wanted to do was lay on a sofa in the warm somewhere! But I had a party to go to. It was the Riverside Festival organisers’ after party and it was 1940’s fancy dress. I had been thinking about going as a land army girl, but Gary had bought a hat, goggles and scarf set for us to go as pilots, so I did that instead. Well, minus the hat!


What on earth do I look like? And I went out looking like that!! πŸ˜†

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