Left behind πŸ™„


Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th October

Oh my goodness. My poor body (as a result of yesterday I guess) And I don’t feel great. And Gary wants to go to Oxford shopping :/ Off we go. Well I do still need a new coat for winter.

And I get one at last. Black and quilted with fur round the hood. It’s lovely and warm!! And when I get it home, even the kids like it. Sorted πŸ˜ƒ

We call in to a Harvester pub on our way back for something to eat. Spit roasted chicken and chips for me πŸ—πŸŸ Something just a bit basic was all I wanted. It was nice.

Glad to get back and just rest though.

We were invited out to Sunday lunch today. At Julie and Hannah’s. How exciting! I was at home in the morning doing little jobs and getting my bins ready to go out for collection! (Robyn, Leah and Jack had already gone along without me!) but I seemed to just run out of time. So when Gary called to pick me up I really wasn’t ready, just stuck my shoes on and off we went. Robyn said to me when I walked in ‘where’s my scrapbooking stuff?’ She had text me earlier to say she had forgotten it and could I bring it along. Of course I hadn’t got it. Then I realised I hadn’t taken my morning lot of tablets either and also didn’t have any in my bag. Whoops :/ So Gary gave me a lift back home to pick everything up. My head really wasn’t working was it?!

 I still wasn’t feeling too great about food but I had a small plateful. It was lovely. Chicken, roast potatoes, brussels, broccoli, carrots, peas and sweetcorn. For pudding there was fresh strawberries, melon, pineapple, angel delight and meringues. Everyone else tucked in.

Then suddenly it seemed everyone was going to go for a walk. Just what I needed! (Apart from Jack, he was escaping to a friends’ house to play Uno can you believe?!) So Leah, Hannah and Julie started walking. Gary gave me and Robyn a lift to our house as she needed her coat and I needed different shoes! Gary went off and said he would be straight back. And this is where it all went wrong :/ Robyn went off to meet the others and to carry on walking with them and I waited for Gary to come back. And waited and waited. Then I got a phone call to say he was up at the cemetery with the others already and where was I? I had been forgotten! πŸ™„ So off I set … 
Seems like they kept themselves amused while waiting for me.

When we eventually all met up together we walked up to my mum and dads grave 😦 and had a wander around the rest of the cemetery. Then Gary went back in his car and I walked back through the park with the others.

They all had fun anyway πŸ˜€
Then back to Julie’s for a cup of tea. I did some blogging, Robyn did some scrapbooking, Julie did the washing up, Hannah did nothing (just rolled about the floor on her phone!) and Leah went home.

Weekend over.

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