Chicken casserole 🍲


Wednesday 25th to Thursday 26th November

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I was very sleepy. When I did get up my eyes were very puffy and I had a terrible headache. It must have been bad because I actually took some paracetamol! I very slowly, did some things around the house. Earlier in the week I had already promised myself I would have a trip to Caffe Nero today because I was getting fed up of just being inside all day in the middle of the week. As I was feeling unwell I really didn’t fancy a walk into town but I made myself go because I knew that in the end it would make me feel better.

So I had my normal mug of tea and treated myself to another one of their gingerbread muffins and I just sat quietly and did a bit of blogging. Quite enjoyable. Broke the day up a bit and also gave me a little rest from all the different jobs I keep finding myself to do.

I opened the door to the smell of chicken casserole 🍲 simmering away in the slow cooker. It did smell good. I hoped it was going to be as tasty! Makes me feel like I’m a good mother when I have made a nice hot healthy meal ready for when everyone is home (well Robyn went off to the gym first and had hers later). Both the kids told me that they loved it anyway 😀 Leah even had seconds!

I felt a little better on Thursday. I sorted a few more of my clothes out. I know this seems to be taking ages but I only do a little bit at a time and a lot of them I need to try on to see if they still fit or if I still even like them. And there’s always those day to day jobs that need doing too!

I went for my walk in the evening. A good hour and a half this time. And I could feel it too 😦 Enjoyed it though. Another lady joined us this evening. She was telling me about her daughter who is also suffering with liver problems at the minute and how she is finding it difficult living with the extreme fatigue. I can only sympathise with her :/ It’s very tough.

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