Flying fortune cookie ðŸ˜‚


Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th December

We caught the Park & Ride bus into Oxford on Saturday. I think I annoyed Gary by taking too long in some of the shops. I did manage to get a few more bits for Christmas though.

We went to Noodle Nation for some lunch. I had a lovely bowl of noodles with char siu pork and I asked for them to add some cashew nuts too. I couldn’t eat them all as always but they were very delicious 😋

Four young teenage girls were sat next to us. Just in case any of you haven’t been there before you sit on long tables and benches so you are right next to the other people. During the meal I was smiling to myself because they were taking lots of selfies, one of them was discreetly trying to work out how to use the chopsticks, one was explaining the menu to the others, they were just fun to watch! At the end of our meal the most funniest thing happened. I was trying to get my fortune cookie out of its foil wrapper and it was really hard to open. All of a sudden it came flying out, actually up into the air and just missing the girl sitting next to me’s bowl of rice, landed on the floor by them all. It happened so quickly she didn’t even see it coming and wondered what had happened! It was SO funny 😂 The highlight of my day I think.

We visited a couple more shops then back to Gary’s for the evening I went. Watched the X Factor. Semi finals already. Don’t know if any of you are fans? I like Reggie N Bollie as their a bit different but I can’t see them actually winning. Guess we’ll soon find out next week!

On Sunday afternoon we went to visit Gary’s mum and dad in Charlbury with Emma. I haven’t actually been over there for a while so it was nice to see them. Then I went back to Julie and Hannah’s house for a visit. Robyn and Leah were also there. We collected our bags of Christmas decorations etc to take back with us as we keep them in the loft there! Robyn was her usual kind thoughtful self and had bought us all a gingerbread man Christmas decoration, which we were all to hang up somewhere in memory of my mum/the kids’ nan.

This is where I have decided to hang mine.


This photo frame sits on the shelf above the fireplace for everyone to see 😀 My lovely mum and dad. I miss them loads.

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