Cheers 🍷


Friday 25th December

Christmas Day. An early start to the day with lots of presents being opened.

We were going along to my sister Julie’s house for Christmas dinner and my other sister Lynda and her husband John were coming over too.

I had asked my consultant at my last clinic appointment if I was allowed to have any alcohol yet and he said yes I was, as long as it wasn’t loads. So I then decided I would have my first drink in over a year with my Christmas Day dinner.

It did taste nice. Cheers everyone. Happy Christmas.

More present giving and silliness. My sister had given us all secret challenges to do at some point throughout the day, so everyone was trying to get theirs done. For example mine was to try and get two people to say the word ‘perfect’. It was quite hard to do actually and I kept laughing so they all knew I was up to something! Robyn’s was to get someone to pinch something off the Christmas tree, so of course she picked me to do that!

Robyn had done the pudding again this year. It is becoming a tradition now. We had already had to tell her our favourite fruit and chocolate. So she had bought us all these separately, along with posh ice creams, yogurts, meringues, little sweet decorations and cream, so we could make our own individual puddings! I think this idea came about because of the diet Leah, Julie and Hannah are on, so they could be as syn full or as syn free as they wanted them to be, then the rest of us could just tuck in anyway. A good idea πŸ˜‹

Robyn had also brought us all the best present too!  She has the best ideas. She is an angel πŸ‘Ό

A game of cards! A sandwich! Normal Christmas Day stuff! Then back home.

I think we were all lucky enough to have received lots of really nice presents #spoilt 

Never the same now important people are missing. But a nice Christmas Day.

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