Congestion! 👃


Sunday 27th to Wednesday 30th December

It was today, Sunday, that my cough started to turn into a cold (my third so far I think :/ )    I went into Banbury with Gary just to get out for a bit really, as I didn’t need anything or was in the right frame of mind or even felt like, doing any shopping!

By Monday my cough was really quite bad, sounding very chesty :/ my nose was constantly streaming uncontrollably, so much congestion!! I managed to be able to get my bins ready and put out for collection, but that was about it. The rest of the time I spent mainly just led on the sofa trying to sort out my phone. It just keeps restarting itself.  I have so many photographs that are taking up most of the memory on my phone, so I got to sort a few of those while I was just led there. Let’s see if that helps :/

Tuesday I got up and went to work but my body was aching and I was feeling pretty terrible, a couple of people said to me that I didn’t look very well and that I should go straight home. But I was going to give it a try as I had made the effort to go there. I lasted for an hour and a half and then I gave in and left.

On Wednesday I did just about manage to walk around Banbury as I needed to take back a few extra things that I had bought before Christmas and which I didn’t need any more. That’s all it was though, to those few certain shops and then finished!

At all other times during the rest of these days after Christmas I haven’t really been doing any jobs at home or anything, I’ve just been led about not feeling very good at all. Still a very loud chesty sounding cough and now, a very blocked nose.

While it’s still December I must show you the article that was printed in our town newspaper, The Chipping Norton News, this month.

By the way, have a little look at the new photos I have just downloaded on my Photo’s page entitled ‘Christmas’ 😃

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