Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd January

I was due to go to work again this morning but there was no way I could go. I couldn’t sit on a till feeling like this. I wouldn’t be any use to anybody. I started back at work in November and I’m off sick in December, I wasn’t very pleased with myself 😦

I think I got out of bed around 12.30pm and later went back to my house, where Robyn was fiddling about in her bedroom so I then went and spent the afternoon and early evening in her bed, resting and chatting!!

When I sat and thought about it I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t had a very exciting New Year but never mind, I hope there will always be next year!!!

On Saturday I gave in to family pressure and decided to try and see a doctor, but the surgery was closed and I really couldn’t be bothered to go through all the performance of ringing the Out of Hours service, telling someone on the end of the phone the problem, then waiting for a doctor to call me back to have to tell them the same thing all over again, and then to be told to go to the clinic at the Horton hospital and wait for a doctor to become free to check me over :/ I’ve done it so many times before in the past. So I then just rang one of the liver co-ordinators at the QE hospital to be told to just take paracetamol and if I was worried to go to my GP!!! Complete waste of time as I knew it would be.

I just forgot about it all and went over to Gary’s mum and dad’s in Charlbury and had a cup of tea with them instead!!

In the evening I was sat in a bit of a trance, fiddling about with my iPad when I felt like it every now and again. Gary was in the kitchen. I just thought he was experimenting and making some kind of bruschetta like things as he had been talking about different breads earlier. But then he suddenly came out with this.


A lovely roast dinner. Real nice it was too! I was a bit shocked, not at all what I had been expecting 🙃

Sunday we went to Oxford. The last day of Gary’s Christmas holiday. It was quite nice to just be able to wander about and not be worrying that you still haven’t got someone’s Christmas present or you must just quickly go to this shop to see if they have something in a certain size! It was a bit of a dreary day weather wise but good to be out getting a bit of fresh air. 

Back to normal life again for everyone tomorrow :/

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