Pesto pasta 😋


Thursday 17th to Friday 18th March

Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Robyn had gone off to Cheltenham Races with two of her friends today. During the morning she text me and asked if I wanted to put a bet on. I thought why not, the girls might bring me a bit of luck, so I googled all the races and chose Kilcoolley which was running in the 3.30 race. The reason I picked this horse was because I noticed it was trained by Charlie Lonsdon and he has his racing stables just outside our town. It didn’t bring me any luck though, I didn’t win ☚ī¸

I still didn’t feel quite 100% at first today and I felt a bit wobbly too. I think I felt a little better as the day went on. At least it was my day off today. I still made myself get on with some jobs though and for some strange reason I then decided to take the cushions off the sofas and give it all a good hoovering!!!

Thank goodness I had previously arranged to meet my friend Jackie in Caffe Nero. That would be a nice break for me. So I walked along the town and met her from work. We had a good catch up.

All of this was followed by the usual Thursday evening walk around the town.

Friday morning and I went off to work as normal. I am feeling in such a weird mood at the minute. Quite a lot of things seem to be annoying me that I normally wouldn’t bother about too much. So many different things were going round and round in my head. I was feeling quite fed up with everything 😨

Robyn had said earlier in the day that she was going to cook pasta for her dinner and did I want some too, but on a Friday she goes out for a drink with the girls from work so she’s late back. I didn’t want to wait that long and more importantly I didn’t want all the washing up to do at 10 o’clock at night, especially with the strange mood I was in today, so I decided to cook the pasta. But as always happens in our house Robyn wanted a tomato based sauce and I wanted pesto. So I did both!! I decided to treat myself to see if it got rid of any of my stress.


Chicken, mushroom, pine nuts and pesto. So delicious 😋 I even ate the whole plateful.

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