Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th April

At lunchtime we set off with Emma to McDonalds in Headington to meet up with the rest of Gary’s family. It was a get together for his niece Molly’s birthday the following day. It’s not a place I visit very often (the last time probably being when we all met there for Lily’s birthday) but I did quite enjoy my sweet chilli chicken wrap! With fries 🍟 and a strawberry milkshake of course!

When we got back I watched the Everton versus Manchester United football match on Gary’s tv. It was the FA Cup semi-final so it was quite an important match as Gary is a Man Utd fan. Thank goodness that they did win in the end 2-1. I can look forward to the final in a few weeks time now.

Here is a story which caused a bit of outrage in Brazil. One of the richest and most powerful men in the country announced plans to bury his million dollar Bentley car so he could drive around his afterlife in style. People were furious. Watch this video of the Bentley burial to find out why peoples’ opinions of him changed and he became a national hero. (If only we were rich enough to do something like that Robyn, to help with our own promotion of organ donation!)

(I would just like to take this opportunity to say hello to my regular reader in Brazil. I am amazed and thrilled 😀 I always have a sneaky look to see if the little Brazilian flag symbol appears in the views from various countries when I am reading my WordPress stats! Are you looking forward to the Olympics in August? More importantly, are you going?! I will unfortunately just be watching from the comfort of my armchair).

On Sunday for some strange reason Gary decided he was going to clean my car 🚗 for me so I left him to it and went home to do a few of my own exciting jobs! Later me and Robyn paid a visit to Julie and Hannah to see what they were up to.

When I got back to Garys he had obviously worked up a bit of an appetite and was trying to think of something he could cook for himself to eat. All I wanted was a cheese sandwich (one of my favourite things, nice tasty cheddar in some fresh seeded bread) but I wasn’t allowed :/ He had decided to cook a curry, but one that took a lot less time to make than his usual creations.

Thai red curry tonight. And it was just as delicious 😋 

While I was surfing on the Internet earlier I had come across something about melanomas. A bit of a coincidence I thought as I am waiting to have my own mole checked out very soon. So I thought I would put this picture up on my blog so that we all can be a bit more aware of what to look out for. The main thing to be aware of is if there are any changes in the appearance of your moles. Please make sure you all keep a check on things, it’s so important. Early detection can make a big difference in the treatment you may need.

I have to say my own mole does actually look more like the pictures in the top row, so I’m hoping it’s all okay when I go on Thursday.

On a much lighter note, if you have a few minutes to spare have a look at these Pom Pom cupcakes – I think their really cute. I can remember making pom poms with my mum when I was younger. I think the most adventurous we got was to stick shapes made from felt on them to make funny faces!

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