Painful πŸ˜–


Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th April

Someone has a birthday coming up (don’t they Leah!) so I was thinking I could maybe get a bit prepared in advance for once and see if I could do a bit of birthday present shopping while I had the chance, as me and Robyn were off to Banbury this afternoon.

Reasonable success, I managed to get a few little bits and pieces :/ And we managed to fit a little trip to Costa in too. I like going out with Robyn as she nearly always lets me do that! πŸ˜†

I was having a look through my emails and I saw one from the British Liver Trust asking if I would be interested in a possible chance to be in the audience of the BBC TV programme the One Show on Wednesday regarding people who had transplants and promoting organ donation. How exciting! So I replied that yes I would be interested (if I was allowed the time off from work!) and the lady said she would get back to me with further details …

Robyn decided she was going to cook us all something to eat as she didn’t have anywhere to rush back out to this evening. So she was googling all kinds of recipes while I was driving home. She settled on some kind of rice dish with chicken, peppers, peas etc in the end. Can’t wait to taste πŸ˜‰ and for the stress in the kitchen tonight!! Then we came across a car accident that was blocking the road, it looked like it had only just happened as there were no emergency services yet but people were on the phone :/ so we had to turn around and find a different way home. This of course took longer so we were a bit late for Robyn’s pre-arranged doctor’s appointment and she then had to be squeezed in!! We had a trip around the Co-op to make to get Robyn’s important cooking ingredients and eventually made it back home.

Da-dah …

Throughout all of today I have been suffering with yet another new outbreak of my Shingles type virus. I am not liking this one bit 😩 They are getting more and more frequent. It seems that as soon as one heals another one breaks out somewhere else. This one is being particularly painful. My clothes constantly touching and rubbing against it doesn’t help at all either.

I had a sleepover with Robyn tonight. No wonder she always just falls asleep really early though, her new bed is the warmest and comfiest bed I have ever been in. It’s a real luxury.

Tuesday was NOT a good day πŸ˜₯ As if it wasn’t bad enough that my latest Shingles type outbreak was still hurting me A LOT, the day started off with Robyn finding out that one of her best friends Kayleigh was leaving the salon where they both work together and have done for quite a few years now. Robyn was very upset on hearing this news which made me upset too :/ The next disappointment was that the people from the One Show didn’t get back in touch with the British Liver Trust, so the trip to London tomorrow isn’t going to be happening. But never mind about that, would just have been another different experience to go through and more importantly something NICE!! And then the next thing was the letter waiting for me on the doormat when I got back from work. From my landlady giving me notice to move out of the house! I had heard rumours at the end of last week that this might be happening but when you actually see it in writing it all hits home a bit harder. I really could do without this. What on earth are we going to do now? 😏

We used to have a nice house. Then I separated from Robyn and Leah’s dad. Me and the kids stayed in the house while they were in full time education but always knew that one day it would have to be sold. I did actually sell it once when they were still quite young, everything was packed ready to move – and then the buyer pulled out, right at the last minute. Pretty soul destroying. I don’t think I have ever really felt settled since and that’s certainly a horrible feeling I can tell you. Many years later it was finally sold. Heartbreaking as we really didn’t want to move. We had lived there for 20 years. Financially I couldn’t afford to buy anywhere else on my own so we had to find somewhere to rent and in a reasonably short space of time. We ended up in the house we’re in now which is about half the size. And this move was all going on as I was starting to be more affected by my illness, pre transplants.

Just a bit of background information for you there to try and help to explain just how much of a big deal having to move yet again is to me 😰

Here’s a bit of information that I have recently found so click on Why it’s important for every woman to know about PBC if you fancy having a little read.

Wednesday was just a morning at work. Still feeling very sore, my head feeling very messed up, I was glad to get back home and just try and do something a bit ‘normal’ and to have a bit of quiet time just to gather my thoughtsπŸ™ƒ

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