Birthday girl Leah ðŸŽ‰


Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th May

The PBC Foundation is a nationwide group of people, all of whom are affected by PBC, which you can contact for emotional and practical support. Click on the link, scroll down and click on ‘Register with us’ if you would like to become a member too.

I had a phone call earlier in the week from the Regional Co-ordinator inviting me to the local group meeting. It was nice to meet some other people that are suffering with the same illness as me, although they all seemed to be doing really well, none of them are anywhere near the transplant stage, so I did feel a bit ‘different’. All the others had been before and knew each other quite well so I was the new girl, but everyone was very friendly. We just sat chatting. We had a nice lunch and as it was a warm sunny day some people sat outside in the garden and some were inside. It was very relaxed. Everyone takes a prize so they can have a raffle too. I will look forward to the next meeting.

In the evening me and Gary went to watch Robyn’s boyfriend Tom play the drums in his band Dance a la Plage at the O2 in Oxford. There were other ‘rather loud’ bands playing too, some better than others!

See, I’m not too old just yet to go to a live music concert, although my back was killing me at the end of it from just having to stand up the whole time :/


An early start to the day. The two cars were decorated with balloons and banners. And then we were off to Go Ape in the Forest of Dean. Leah, Jack, Robyn, Julie, Hannah and me! It was a lovely hot sunny day so we had all arranged to take a picnic with us too.

Yes, Leah had chosen to spend some of her birthday doing a Tree Top Adventure. Thank goodness I had an excuse not to do it, the stitches in my arm of course! And to be honest, I really don’t think I would have the strength to do it even if I wanted to. And Julie had done it before and didn’t like it at all so she refused to do it again. So it was just the four young ones that got their harnesses on, went through the training and then onto the course! Us two old ones walked around through the trees below them, taking the photographs 📸

They had a great time. They all did really well. And they had all certainly worked up an appetite ready for the birthday picnic. We sat by the side of the lake, it was really lovely. Leah at last got to open a few presents and Hannah had brought her a cake so we could sing Happy Birthday 🎶 The sun was shining brightly. Leah had definitely had a great day for her birthday 🙂

We didn’t get back until early evening. The sun was still shining so we sat in the garden for a while and Leah got to open a couple more little presents. Lucky girlie 😝

A nice family day 👍

A busy weekend and there was still more to come!

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