No money 😱


Thursday 23rd to Friday 24th June

My tummy felt a little better today but I was still very stressed. A very good example of this was that I left the house this morning with no money! It wasn’t until I got into Kidlington that I must have got a sudden thought and I realised this. Oh flip (or words to that effect!) now what on earth was I going to do. Luckily I pay in advance for my bus pass but I had no money anywhere to pay to park my car in the Park & Ride 😖

I decided to drive on into the Park & Ride. I was thinking that maybe I could arrange to pay online or something. I found a car parking attendant when I got there and I explained what I had done. He said it takes hours to set up the online payment thing :/ Oh fiddle. Luckily in the end, he fished around in his pocket and gave me a £2 coin 😃 Thank goodness I didn’t now have to drive straight back home. I told him I would repay him next week when I come, so I must make sure I remember my money then! What a lucky escape for me.

I only visited one lady in the hospital this morning but I spent all my time there with her! I didn’t realise it was lunchtime until I heard the trolley come onto the ward. We had a good old chat about all kinds of things 🗣🗣 She even said she would have given me some money so I could go and buy myself some lunch if she had brought her purse into hospital with her!

There was no walk this evening as two of the ladies were away doing different things. I did miss it.

Today in our country was the day of the EU referendum. The question we all had to answer was ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’ The campaign for and against has been going on for some weeks and I think many, many people were still baffled by it all and weren’t sure which way to go, including me 🤔 I am not a great follower of politics at all but when it is about something quite major I like to do my bit, so I went along to our local Polling Station in the evening and posted my vote in the box ❌

On this day last year I felt unwell and had a high temperature and I was ‘bullied’ by my family into contacting the doctors in Birmingham who told me I had to go to my local hospital to be checked out and of course they admitted me 😫 What followed was just a nightmare, the worst two weeks. I was given strong antibiotics which always upset my tummy and they did endless tests on me as they were looking for any signs of infection, but they could find nothing. And also because my white blood cell count was very low I was kept in isolation and I was not a very happy lady! 

Right now we are suffering with terrible weather for this time of year really with lots of rain, but I can tell you that the following two weeks last year were extremely hot and sunny. I was watching it through my hospital window ☀️ 😖

Back to this year, and Friday was another longer than normal shift at work again.

Then I went to pick Robyn and Leah up from work as previously arranged (and good job I did really as it was still pouring down with rain ☔️) and we went off to look around a house that was up for sale and that we liked the look of. I’d had a sudden thought that I knew the man whose house it was and sure enough I did! When we met the estate agent at the house and she knocked on the door the owners were still at home, so that was quite amusing being shown around his house while he was sat watching the tv 😂

Very nice house 🏡 We would like to buy it!

Later in the early evening when we were all together in the kitchen and Jack had come in from work too, there were some funny chats going on about the referendum result Brexit. Leah was getting quite cross about other people’s reactions to it and things that she had been reading on the Internet (Leah is very ‘matter of fact’) and Robyn was just her normal silly self 🙃 Quite amusing 😂 

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