Sorry 😦


Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th July

First of all I just want to apologise for getting a bit behind with my blog posts. This has been annoying me very badly for quite some time now! My time mainly has been taken up with all things connected with arranging our house move – phone calls, forms to fill in, emails etc, on top of still having to do all the normal day to day jobs and working, despite not feeling in the greatest of health 😫 Oh, and I have also been to Cornbury music festival! (photos to follow shortly). So I think I’ll do a couple of ‘catch up’ blog posts :/

Saturday and Sunday was a weekend of odd jobs at home really. A visit to my sister too on the Saturday and I also started the sorting out in my bedroom. Still a long way to go in that department though! I have so much ‘junk’ and so many clothes that I need to go through and take to all the charity shops in town. I did much more of the same on the Sunday but also added in a trip to Caffe Nero in the morning with my two sisters and Robyn and Hannah, and then went to see a local band play in a nearby village hotel in the afternoon, followed by a meal out.

A busy day at home on Monday with work on Tuesday.

Amongst all the ‘busyness’ I did manage to find a few minutes to read an article about the oldest organ donor though!

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