Cornwall 🏖 continued!


Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th August

Wednesday – Another beach day. I think the beach we went to first was called Porthgwidden. Then we had a bit of a walk to find some lunch, Gary saw someone from his work to have a chat to (funny how you seem to unexpectedly bump into people that you know when on holiday far from home!) and then we joined his mum and dad who were stood near the harbour beach. The others eventually joined us and we all went down and sat on that beach for a while.

You can see that Gary had come prepared for any rain showers that we might have today!

In the evening we went to a local Domino’s for pizzas. I had a nice vegetarian one!

Thursday – A lovely sunny day but for some reason when I first woke up I felt a bit weak and wobbly and wasn’t quite with it! I don’t know why :/ Gary and me went over to the cafe on the site to join his mum and dad while the others were down on the private beach that belongs to the caravan site. I had a coffee and a croissant sat out on the bench in the sunshine 😋 I eventually started to feel a little better. Then we went for a short drive along the coast road. We got out and peered over the edge at this lovely place, which is actually called Hell’s Mouth!

As it was still a lovely evening we then went back and joined the others who were still on the beach, for a little while. A barbecue for us all after that.

Friday – We went into Hayle this morning to have a look in the shops there. Well all two of them! Not a good place to buy any ‘holiday presents’ for the people back home! Then we drove on into Carbis Bay for our last afternoon on the beach :/ 

I was quietly sat enjoying my ice cream when suddenly a seagull came from nowhere behind me, swooped down and just took it out of my hand. It happened so quickly that none of us could quite believe it 😫

Then it was time to go back and get ready for our final family meal out at a local restaurant. I chose a Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach lasagne which was lovely.

 And tomorrow we have to travel home 😏🚗

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