Great present 🎁


Saturday 13th to Monday 15th August

My mum was left handed, I am the only one out of her five children that is left handed and only Leah is left handed!

This Saturday was spent with just a trip to the shops for me and Gary I think and then back to give Robyn and Tom a lift to a party in a nearby village. 

When we were in the car Robyn gave me a present 😀

What a great t-shirt. I am spoilt. I love it 😍

Another lovely weekend weather wise so between jobs and blogging some of my time was spent in the garden and some of my time was spent watching the Olympic Games, including staying up until the early hours of the morning to do so!!

And on Sunday evening we popped round to Gary’s neighbours for a farewell drink as they were moving house.

Look at these lovely iced lolly recipes I found. Delicious, and they look so pretty too. Why not give some of them a try?!

Monday was just spent doing all the never ending jobs at home! 

In the evening we went to have another look around the new house we are going to be living in. Robyn and Leah needed to have another look at the bedrooms and have the ‘fight’ about who’s going to be having which one! And I needed to have a look in the tiny one I’ve been given – I’m not sure my bed is actually going to fit in it, let alone all my junk 😖

Then Robyn and Tom made me a delicious salad!

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