Sunflowers 🌻


Thursday 25th to Friday 26th August

A busy morning visiting patients today! I met another lady with PBC that is currently waiting on the transplant list. I hope she gets a call real soon. 

I also then actually managed to see Dr Collier on the ward (who is the consultant that I first approached with my visiting idea) and she gave me a hug and thanked me and said that they had been having good feedback from the patients concerning my visits, so that was good for me to hear 😀 

I sat and had a coffee and a croissant in the reception area while I was waiting for my bus and did a bit of people watching! A man was sat waiting for someone, he had a lovely dog with him that was being trained as a guide dog. A little boy of about 5 or 6 (who had learning difficulties) was sat with his carer. He started to stroke and play with the dog. The amount of joy that little boy got from that dog in the short space of time they were there was quite amazing! It was lovely to see. I can certainly now understand even more why they have therapy dogs visiting nursing homes, hospices, special needs schools etc.

And on the Park & Ride bus on the way home I sat by a man that had just finished work in the local Co-op and it turned out that he used to work with my boss when he worked in a different shop and is a good friend of his! It’s a small world 🌎

Robyn bought me some sunflowers today 😀

Friday and so I went to work. It was a lovely hot sunny day. I sat on my till thinking that I could now be at the festival that was going on near us and which I had just been lucky enough to get some tickets for before I left for work this morning 😣 Never mind, I’ll be there all over the weekend.
So I spent a lot of my time in the evening trying to clear some space on my phone by transferring some of the photos to my iPad. I needed to clear some space so that I would be able to take yet more photos at the weekend.  This was frustrating me though as I seemed to be getting rid of loads of photos but the memory just didn’t seem to be increasing again 😳

The death of the photo album? I totally agree with just how sad this is! We all used to enjoy getting the old photographs out at my mum’s house and looking through them. Some nicely displayed in albums, others just in a box that we used to rifle through! Laughing at all the funny hairstyles and clothes 😀 And bringing back all those lovely memories.  

I like to take loads of photographs, some especially to use in my blog, but I also want to be able to show my own grandchildren what their respective mum’s used to look like at different times in their lives and what silly things we all got up to!

But I know for sure that I have photographs from when the children were younger that at the moment are ‘lost’ on our old computer and an old mobile phone of mine. Will I ever get around to somehow getting them taken off of these devices so that they can all be looked at once again? This is something I really MUST do.

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