Confused 🤔


Monday 29th August to Thursday 1st September

Bank Holiday Monday. We had been invited round to Gary’s sister Ali and her family for a barbecue, so off we set with Emma. It was a lovely day for it! 

Delicious food, a short walk in the woods (as bodies were still hurting from The Feastival at the weekend), a little go at table tennis in the garden (that was fun!) and a nice relax in the sunshine 🌤 We had a nice day.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday off from work this week. I can’t remember if I have already said, but I have some time off owing from last year, so that’s why I’m having extra holiday at the minute. I didn’t do anything special, just jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs!

I did speak to my consultant’s secretary in Birmingham. She told me that my blood results were a little bit better this time and could I please reduce my tacrolimus. (So my current dose is now 2mg in the morning and 3mg at night). Good news, but I really don’t know what it means. I guess I just wait for my next appointment to have a chat with the doctor, hopefully have the promised scan, and see if they can tell me any more news then 😏

Volunteering Thursday! I went to see a lady that I saw last week. She was going home later today, so that was good news. I hope she gets on okay when she leaves the routine of the hospital, as in her case that was something that was really helping her. I do always feel a bit sad when I say goodbye in one way as it usually means that I don’t see those people again :/

I spoke to a man today whose wife was caught up in the London bombings back in 2005. Blimey, I am certainly having some interesting conversations doing this job.

I decided to go outside today to have my coffee and croissant as the sun was shining ☀️ But I didn’t stay out there for long, it was just TOO hot, I could feel it burning my legs in just that short space of time! 

I called back in to say hello to Mark. He wasn’t his normal self, he was in pain and I didn’t like it 😞

In the early evening a man called round to pick up the flower pots which I had sorted out from my shed as he wanted them to plant out his flowers. And then another couple called round to pick up the half used tins of paint I had also sorted which their kids were going to use to decorate the flower pots in their garden. 

Sometimes I enjoy having a sort out and putting items on Freecycle for people to just have. Makes me much happier than things just being thrown away. 

So that was my good deeds done for the day! 🤗

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