Ripping paper šŸ˜–


Thursday 8th to Friday 9th September

Volunteer day.

What do you think about this new trend ‘doughnut walls’ then?

So ‘the walkers’ went for a meal in a local pub this evening as a change from our usual walks. It was veggie chilli for me šŸ˜¬

This photo of the partially completed Queensferry Crossing @NewForthBridge in Scotland for some reason caught my eye! I like some bizarre things I know!

Friday morning, I hadn’t had much sleep as it was and so the last thing I really wanted was to be woken early by the noise of Robyn ripping paper in her bedroom! She had got up early to do some packing before work!

And I felt ill. I had an upset tummy and felt sick. (It did cross my mind that maybe it was from the food last night? šŸ˜) Anyway I made an effort and got ready for work, but I can tell you it was certainly a big effort. I probably shouldn’t really have gone in the first place. I tried my best but I just didn’t feel well at all. I stuck at it for about 2 hours but then I just had to leave work early :/

Eventually I did a bit of pottering around but I just couldn’t do too much for the rest of the day.

As its Organ Donation week, the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust published ‘a snapshot of the work their transplant and organ donation teams have done this year’

And also ‘the winning patient experience poster showing the transplant journey by the Liver Transplant Coordinators’

Both very good šŸ™‚

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