Baby shower 👶


Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th November

My mind was definitely away on other things on this Saturday morning but I was also desperate to get myself a new bed. I have been spending way too much time looking for one on the Internet with no success and it was doing my head in! So Leah took me into Banbury. I realise I was a bit of a nightmare in the shop. There were so many different questions to be answered and my brain just wasn’t working 😩 The man was extremely patient with me and in the end I ordered my new bed 😀

Then we went off to do the food shopping :/ I think I coped reasonably well with that! Thanks Leah for putting up with me today! 

When I got home I gave the food cupboards a bit of a sort out before stacking away all the shopping. We seem to have bought so much today!

It had been an extremely cold day. In the evening I briefly went over to an outside party in Charlbury. It was nice to stand around the fire pit 🔥 they had there and try and keep warm.

On Sunday afternoon I went to my niece Laura’s surprise baby shower with both Robyn and Leah. She already has the lovely Oliver (who’s 3 I think) and his baby brother is due in December. We all had a fun afternoon. We played games – pin the dummy on the baby, guess the price of certain baby products, guess what’s in the nappy etc and designed our own vest for the new baby 👶 

Had some lovely food and went home with cake 🎂 Perfect 😂

A really nice afternoon. Good luck with the baby Laura 👶

Back to a visit from Julie and Hannah later.

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