What an afternoon! πŸ°πŸ˜‹


Saturday 12th November

Back in September, knowing my love for cake, my children nominated me for this –

And then I found out that I was one of the lucky ones and had been chosen 😬

I was allowed to take a friend. So this afternoon I went to pick up Nina and off we went πŸš—

We had no idea what to expect. But we got a nice welcome from Rosy as we walked into the showroom (just in time :/ another 4 couples were already there!) and had a cup of tea made for us πŸ˜€ We were then all given a form to fill out throughout the afternoon with what we thought the flavour of the cakes were, if we liked them and any other comments that we wanted to make.

Then out came the first cake 🍰 Exciting! Rosy’s daughter Emily was waitress for the afternoon. Everyone took a piece. They were all presented so nicely. I had decided just to take a small mouthful of mine as there were going to be so many different pieces of them (we had already all been given a bag so that we could take what we didn’t eat back home with us). Now to try and decide the flavour πŸ€” There were lots of ‘discussions’ going on between everyone during this time and then after a few minutes, Rosy revealed to us the correct answer.

We did this 12 times! with a break for more tea halfway through. It was fun πŸ˜€

I don’t think I did too badly with my guesses. Some of the flavours that I can remember we tried were salted caramel, Bakewell tart, pistachio and rose, I think there was a carrot cake and there was an Oreo one. I wish now that I had made a note of them all. Not only were there the different flavours to try but they were different textures too. I thought the Christmas cake was a good idea (exactly the same ingredients as a standard Christmas cake but blended to make the mixture completely smooth!) That has completely confused me as to which way I like my Christmas cake now though πŸ˜–. My favourite was ginger and lime (I have since found out that this was in fact the overall winner from both cake tasting sessions that weekend!) and I also really liked the look of the two colours of the cake together too, so different πŸ˜‹


Can you see the ‘burger’ at the back of the middle photo, this cake was made by Rosy’s daughter for a competition.

How about these tortoises and spaghetti and meatballs! These cakes, along with many others, were on display in the showroom and were all made by Rosy.

I have a big birthday coming up 😱 so I think I might drop a few hints and show my family this website link Cakes for All UK I definitely recommend that you contact Rosy if you need any special occasion cakes making yourselves – and don’t forget to choose the ginger and lime flavour! πŸ˜‹

What a great way it was to spend an afternoon and a brilliant idea of Rosy’s, a good way to find out new popular cake flavours. (Rosy if you ever need any more cake to be tasted at any time please don’t forget to give me a shout πŸ˜‚)

I am so glad that I was one of the lucky people that were chosen πŸ˜ƒ

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