Monday 26th to Friday 30th December

Christmas has come and gone.

My two sisters came round on Christmas Eve, bringing with them the extra saucepans and dishes that we would need for our Christmas lunch. Then a whirlwind of organisation and vegetable peeling started to happen and a cauliflower cheese was made. Everything went out of my control.

Gary cooked the turkey on Christmas Day morning then the rest of us descended into the kitchen to organise and cook the roast potatoes, vegetables and all the rest of it. I think it all worked out reasonably well. I hope all the others thought that too? 🤔😏

Lots of present opening (I got very spoilt) and games played. It was a busy, but nice, day.

Of course we had to all sit down and watch #Eastenders in the evening to see what was happening about Phil Mitchell and his liver transplant!

Now on to Boxing Day. A walk down to the town where the Heythrop Hunt meets every year and then a drink in the pub with some more of my family.

And then it all became a normal week for me. Back to work and then time just spent at home.

I haven’t been very happy at all this week! I have found everything a real struggle. Work has been just so non-stop busy and then there was nothing exciting to look forward to either when I got back home! 😫

I was feeling both physically and mentally exhausted.

Although I did have a nice enjoyable walk along the side of the river in Stratford upon Avon on my day off on Thursday.

Which ended up with a nice bowl of pasta – but my bruschetta was my absolute favourite 😋

My first proper meal since Christmas Day (I have had no appetite whatsoever).

Lynda came and picked up the remnants of our Christmas turkey to make a soup for herself and John. She has become my new way of food recycling. I sent her home with a load of leftover food on Christmas Eve that was just going to end up in our food recycling bin!

Thank goodness that last week of 2016 is over, that’s all I can say …

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