Cold ❄️


Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th January

An early start this Monday morning. I went to the Churchill Hospital with Robyn for her yearly check up appointment for her kidneys. I don’t know if you will remember that Robyn has Polycystic Kidney Disease which she has inherited from her dad (Leah also has it too. So I think we are now in competition to see who grows the biggest cysts! 😏)

This disease will hopefully not affect Robyn (or Leah) until she is much older and she is well at the moment, as far as this illness is concerned. While you can put everything to the back of your mind most of the time and carry on with your daily life, I know from my own experience that when you have your clinic appointments everything becomes a little bit more ‘real’ for a while, so I like to go along to all the appointments that I can to give my support 😐

I decided I liked yoga 🙏 and went back again this evening.

I went for a lovely walk with Kate and Dougal after work on Tuesday. It was very squelchy and slippy in places, I wasn’t sure that we would complete the walk without either of us falling into the mud, but we managed it! Also isn’t it amazing how you can live in a place for 49 years and still not know where a footpath that I have already walked many times before can actually take you, if only I had ever just thought to carry on walking a bit further! Now I know where to go (well I think I do) I will definitely be doing this walk again.

And then I saw this when I was walking home 🌅

Wednesday was SO cold. And when you are sat on the tills in Co-op I think you may just as well be sat outside! I was absolutely frozen. A colleague on the till in front of me gave me her fingerless gloves and her blanket to wrap around me while she was on her lunch break, because she knew how cold I was. So kind of her to do that! It did help a bit 😀

I was glad to get home. But then after about an hour, I went back out into the cold again for a walk with my friend and her dog 🐶 I must be mad!

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