Sick 😷😩


Saturday 4th to Wednesday 8th February

A lovely day weatherwise so a nice country walk on Saturday afternoon.

Lots of cuddles with baby James when I got back.

Leah and Jack were babysitting! (I don’t think they got too much sleep 😱)

I went along to Gary’s in the evening. And then, from nowhere, I was very sick 😷

All through Saturday night into Sunday morning. Ugh 😩 

Towards the end I felt like I wanted to just lay down on the toilet floor and give up, I was in so much pain.

I kind of lost Sunday. I either just slept or was in some kind of daze. I literally could not get my body to move to get out of bed. Later in the day the diarrhoea started. Robyn came and picked me up and took me home. I was like a zombie! I went straight to bed. And slept some more.

Monday I still felt terrible. I didn’t want to spend any more time in bed though so I managed to shakily get myself downstairs and onto the sofa, and that is where I spent the rest of the day. I was very weak. I couldn’t face food. Could only manage sips of my drink. I had a headache and my eyes went very blurry 😨

Leah left for her ‘already booked’ few days away with her friends (in a lodge with a hot tub, the lucky thing) so Robyn, when she wasn’t at work or gallivanting about, was left to be my nurse. Hounding me to keep drinking and trying to get me to eat when she did appear!

I couldn’t go to work Tuesday or Wednesday. Thankfully I didn’t feel sick any more but I was still very weak and wobbly and so tired. By Wednesday afternoon I was able to manage a bit of a slow and unsteady walk along to the salon, but then at least I could just sit there while Robyn did my hair for me πŸ’†

A very quiet and lonely few days. Didn’t like it, don’t like being so ill anymore 😩

But anyway, enough about me! Here’s a lovely story about a brave mum and her little boy.

And look at this 😳


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