Little cakes 😋


Monday 20th to Friday 24th March

This week just seemed to consist of spending the usual times at work and then just walking whenever I could. I had some nice walks 🙂 I went out at separate times with Julie and Hannah, Jackie and Alfie and also Leah!

Hannah made me some little cakes this week, which were just the most delicious things 😋 (please can I have some more of these sometime very soon! 🍰)
I had a visit to Caffè Nero with Jackie and a quick trip out to try and find a place in Oxford where Leah needed to drop some paperwork off!

But I didn’t feel quite ‘with it’ in the middle of the week. I was even more tired than I usually am, SO tired and my whole body was aching. I also had problems with my concentration! I felt like I was in a bit of another world. I hate it when I feel like this 😫

Then later in the week I found one of my ‘Shingles related’ outbreaks, so maybe that was why I was feeling so odd 🤔 

Just makes everything so much harder to cope with.

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