🦆 race


Sunday 16th to Monday 17th April

Easter Sunday. Robyn had spoilt me and had left me some Easter treats even though she was away on her holidays 🏝 

We went to visit Gary’s sister and family as we had been invited to a barbecue there. We had some lovely food.

Easter Monday. We went over to the local Kingham duck race. Gary, myself, Leah, Julie and Hannah. Gary was the only lucky one out of us all with his winning duck! This meant it was automatically put into the final at the end of the day, for a chance to win the big prize. Unfortunately it didn’t come anywhere near 😖 (Robyn – I chose and put some money on a duck for you. You didn’t win!) We saw my niece Laura there with her husband and two little boys. I don’t think they were very successful either. Oh well, it was a bit of fun.

Then we went back to Julie’s house for our Easter egg hunt. I think we each had 14 little eggs to find around the house.

Take a look at how many calories are in your own Easter eggs and just how much exercise you should be doing to work them off! Whoops 😬 we didn’t do much towards working ours off. A bit of a lazy afternoon and evening I’m afraid. This suited me as I wasn’t especially feeling full of the joys of Spring, but what a waste of time really. All those things I should be doing, including going for a nice long walk. Obviously I haven’t been able to go out for just over a week now, I am going to be falling way behind ☹️

(My dad died 23 years ago today 😰 Goodness that’s a long time ago. Just think of all the things I have to tell him, all the things that he never knew happened to me during all these years. It’s very sad.) 

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