April snow 🌨


Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th April

After a weekend of not hearing from any doctors with the information on what I needed to do about my vitamin deficiency, I thought that maybe I should try and get hold of someone in Birmingham myself to tell them that I still wasn’t feeling that brilliant and also that I was suffering with this fluid retention. This is not a straight forward job, it takes many phone calls and waiting around on the line. But when I did eventually speak to a doctor he said they hadn’t heard anything from my doctors 🤷‍♀️ So I rang the surgery and the receptionist told me that the doctor I had seen on Friday did not work on Mondays and that’s why nothing had been done. Grrr.

In the afternoon I went out for a nice walk with Kate. But it was hard work, I was really quite breathless.

I rang the surgery first thing Tuesday morning to ask if they could please ensure that a doctor rang the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham as a doctor there was waiting to hear from them. I made it very clear that it did not need to be the doctor I had seen last Friday, any doctor could ring and speak to him.

I had arranged to meet my sister Lynda for a coffee so I walked along to Caffè Nero. I was SO breathless. I needed a sit down when I got there. We had a coffee and a chat. I got a bit of shopping then went home. I had intended to go for a bit of a longer walk rather than going straight home but sadly I had to admit to myself that there was just no way I could do it today ☹️

I rang the surgery when I got back and then many times more throughout the afternoon, still no one had made contact with Birmingham. I was getting very cross with them, there are many doctors at my surgery, surely just one of them would have been able to find a spare few minutes to ring. I told the receptionist about my breathlessness and she said she would ask a doctor to ring me. Which did actually happen later in the afternoon. I took the opportunity then to tell her what had been going on, that it simply wasn’t good enough and she said she would ring. This finally happened at 6pm. It had taken the whole day. She then eventually rang me back to let me know what they had decided. I needed to go back to the surgery first thing in the morning again and have yet more blood taken as they needed to see how my liver was doing, and these results needed to be given straight to Birmingham when they arrived. I also needed to start having injections of  Vitamin B12. In this link they show a list of symptoms, I seemed to be suffering with most of them! but especially with the extreme tiredness/lack of energy, pins and needles in my fingertips and a sore mouth. I needed to have a loading dose of 5 injections over a two week period to start with. I also needed to give a urine sample for checking.  And because I had now been taking the iron tablets for a while, this level had now gone back up a bit – but keep taking the tablets though! 😏

I must show you these very scary looking clouds which started to appear around teatime.

It soon ended up as this.

Looks like it’s January or February out there, not April! 🌨

There was no change in the way I felt on Wednesday.  I was up early to get to the surgery to have my blood taken, which as usual they had trouble with, and I had my first Vitamin B12 injection. I came away feeling quite fed up with it all – and sore! 

It took me a while then to get myself going, I think I just sat on the sofa for a while just half watching the tv and in a bit of another world, then I gave myself a talking to and made myself get up and I started to sort of couple of boxes that I still have lying about :/

I had just got myself into the swing of this and was getting on quite well with it when Leah came in from work so I had to stop, as we had previously arranged to go for a walk, which I also wanted and needed to do. Just frustrating, that’s all I’m saying!!!

Mend the Living is a “heart-breaking” novel about 24 hours in the life of a heart that is transplanted and it has won a book prize. Sounds like an interesting read 📖

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