Hormone tablets? 😏


Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th May

I actually got up early and went food shopping with Leah this Saturday morning 😱 Home to do a couple of little jobs then I went down to my sister Julie’s house to see what everyone was doing there! They were bird watching it seems 🦅 Hannah’s new obsession! 🤣 And then we all seemed to be just sat waiting for baby James who was coming to visit and stay for the night 😍 Who’s going to be lucky enough to get the first cuddle I wonder?! 

A nice sunny Sunday. A trip into Banbury, which I didn’t particularly want to do, but I needed a couple of last minute presents for the birthday girl! so off we went. Least I got to have one of Gary’s delicious barbecue’s later, while I did lots of present wrapping 🎁 I also spent quite a lot of time trying to do some last minute planning as to how we could spend the special day tomorrow. I wasn’t very successful, aaaargh 😑 (Sometimes I wish I was more organised!!!)

Just to keep you up to date with things, as the bleeding had started again and was getting heavier I had just decided myself to start taking more of the hormone tablets as I didn’t want a repeat performance of what had happened to me a few weeks ago. I still hadn’t heard anything from the consultant, trying to get to speak to anyone from my doctor’s surgery is a complete nightmare, so I decided to treat myself!!! So at least the bleeding has stopped again now and I can carry on with a ‘normal’ life until someone decides to get in touch with me and gives me some answers on what needs to be done 🙃 (Probably not the right route to go down but that’s what I’ve done).

And on a slightly different subject, I have also noticed that the swelling in my legs seemed to have improved as well 🙂

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