Poorly 🤧


Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th May

Basically a week spent feeling completely terrible! ‘Shingles’, flu like illness and now a bad cold too (my nose had dried up and gone completely the opposite way now, my sinuses were blocked, so my head felt like it was going to explode from the pressure!) I don’t think anyone really knew just how ill I was feeling as I made myself get on with trying to be ‘normal’ 🙃

I made myself go to work but I asked if I could only work half my shift, so for two hours each time. That was SO hard to do. There was just no way I could have stayed any longer. I left work feeling really quite poorly. I don’t think it really did me any good.

By the middle of the week my chest started to hurt too and I got a chesty cough. I wasn’t sleeping too brilliantly either.

I obviously still wasn’t able to volunteer.

I had my dermatology appointment. (I had to find my way to Deddington Health Centre for this. A new place for me to visit!!!) This was for my solar keratoses on my arm and the top of my lip. The doctor decided on cryotherapy treatment for both, which he did there and then. It is very sore while it’s being done and it got to the stage where I just wanted to push the thing away! Once finished I had an odd kind of stinging sensation every now and again, especially on my lip, but it stops eventually and I guess as medical treatments go it’s not that bad.

I made myself go out and keep walking but on every walk I struggled and didn’t feel at all good when I got back home! And I also had the added problem of my feet hurting a lot too.

(Leah spent her first week in her new job. She is now working in the A&E Department at the Horton Hospital as a Nursing Assistant, something she has wanted to do for a very long time. I think she is the perfect person for the job 😉)

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