Goodbye September 👋


Saturday 16th to Saturday 30th September

The last two weeks of September were just as bad as the first two! There were some difficult times going on at home. And I was just SO extremely tired all the time, maybe the extra stress wasn’t helping me 😩 

I do find that now I’m regularly doing these extra hours at work every week I do get so very tired. I don’t think I have mentioned that a while ago I sent off letters from both my GP and my consultant supporting my claim to the Department for Work & Pensions, but they still came back to me saying that they would not change their decision 😏 So extra tired is now what I will always be!!!

I had to really talk myself into going on some of my walks during this time and then they seemed to be a little shorter, I just didn’t have the energy.

Of course there were some good times.

I had a couple of good volunteering visits.

And it was my niece Hannah’s 21st birthday. A cold and murky Monday morning and she decided that she wanted to go and do this 😳

So off we all went. Despite it being absolutely freezing cold the first time you got in the lake (it literally took your breath away) we very soon warmed up when we started to clamber about on the inflatable, it was quite hard work pulling yourself up onto things.

Tiring but fun 🤣 

We had all worked up an appetite and were looking forward to going out for our nice birthday lunch!

And look at the amazing birthday cake we also all tucked into later in the afternoon.

Hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday Han. I did!!!

And then on the very last day of September, while Leah was having a shower, the water decided to pour through the ceiling into the downstairs toilet (running down the walls and flooding the floor) onto the fuse box and so stopping all the electrics from working! We later found out that it may have been caused by some gravel causing a blockage, from when she was cleaning out her fish tank earlier 😖

Thank goodness September is now over 👋

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