A lovely sunset πŸŒ…Β 


Sunday 1st to Thursday 12th October

And so it continues – working and walking! With not much excitement in between!!

The odd bit of sorting out at home, still checking and deleting photos to free up memory on my phone (which also needs doing on my iPad now 😏), odd jobs in the garden to try and sort it ready for winter, sorting out and cleaning the freezer, the list goes on!

I discovered that I have done over 900 miles in my walking challenge now … I’m getting there!

Have a look at this πŸ‘€ Here’s 15 reasons why walking is the healthiest way to exercise. Remember it also is completely free and you get to see some lovely natural things like this πŸ™‚

A lovely sunset πŸŒ… and a squirrel 🐿 playing in the autumn sunshine.

Why don’t you start thinking about challenging yourself to #walk1000miles next year?

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