A cut body 😱


Friday 13th to Monday 16th October

For the first time in a while I wasn’t feeling well 🤒 I was feeling sick at times, a bit of a funny dizzy head, aching body, that kind of stuff.

I still went to work Friday. I went out at the weekend, wandered around Oxford on the Saturday. Felt a little better on the Sunday, went to the garden centre and fish shop in Bicester, went out for a meal which was 😋, then went to another local pub where there turned out to be a music quiz going on which actually was a bit of fun 🎵🎶

I went out for lunch with a couple of my Co-op colleagues on Monday. This was the day of the red sky phenomenon which was caused by Hurricane Ophelia. It really was extremely odd looking and a bit eerie. It did look like the world was about to end.

This weird atmosphere must have done something to me because I actually ordered my new phone! something I have been putting off for SO long.

Then I went for a nice sunny autumn evening walk with Robyn.

‘A consultant liver transplant surgeon explains the procedure‘ – click on the blue link to have a read of this article I recently came across (it just happens to be one of the surgeons that actually did my second transplant!) This took me back and got me thinking when I read this – basically a couple of years ago I was just led asleep on a table in an operating theatre in Birmingham with a big cut in the middle of my body and lots of medical people working on my insides in many different ways trying to just keep me alive 😱 
The whole procedure sounds pretty complicated doesn’t it? I’m glad that there are some very clever people about! Quite amazing really …

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