New phone 😖


Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd October

Went to work as usual, but I had to leave early on Wednesday as I still wasn’t feeling brilliant.

My new phone arrived through the post. But as usual nothing is straight forward! When Leah was helping me to set it up we discovered that the SIM card from my old phone did not fit into the new one. Back on the phone to EE, the man apologised and said it was their mistake. Would I be able to get to a phone shop where I would be able to pick the correct one up?

As I was going into the JR Hospital to volunteer this week, Leah had a look on the EE store locator map and apparently there was a shop marked as being nearby. I don’t ever remember seeing a phone shop there and when I asked a couple of people they both said there were no phone shops in Headington. But as I usually go for a walk about after volunteering anyway I decided to combine the two and go and have a look. There was no phone shop!

So I decided to drive into Witney, got stuck in loads of traffic – but I managed to get the SIM card.

After eventually setting the phone up, the next problem was the phone case! The back cover fitted fine but the front glass cover to protect the screen wouldn’t fit 😏

Oh my goodness 😖 How am I going to take it out and about with me? I’m bound to drop it …

At the weekend there was an evening out with my brother George and his friend to celebrate my brother’s birthday, my nephew Dave and Alice had recently got engaged so they were out celebrating, Robyn was out with her friend too. It turned out to be quite an enjoyable evening.

Look at this cyclist’s route! I have thought about trying to make one of my walks look like something on my tracker, but I think this lovely face would take some beating.

Another thing to have a look at is this marmite and cheese muffin recipe. These sound as if they would be rather delicious 😋 

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