No fireworks πŸ’₯


Tuesday 31st October to Saturday 4th November

Not much going on in these few days. I didn’t even get to go and watch any firework displays that were going on at the end of the week πŸ™

As a result of having my flu jab last week I had a bit of a cold and a bad headache etc and I also had the Shingles related virus that I get when I am a bit run down and stressed so I just wasn’t feeling quite 100%

Obviously it wasn’t a good plan for me to go and volunteer this week in the hospital :/

Many many more baby fish had been found swimming around in Leah’s tank during this week. In the end she counted 44 tiny baby fish 😱 What on earth was she going to do with them all, there was no room in the tank for all of these! Thankfully the fish department in a nearby garden centre agreed to take them so when Leah had a day off from work we took 42 of them over (Leah had decided to keep two of the new tiny babies for herself). It felt a little sad to leave them there, I hope their all be okay!

Robyn told me that I had been back at work for 2 years on 3rd November. I didn’t realise!

Oh by the way, I’m in our local paper the Chipping Norton News again! 😁

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