A lovely walk ðŸŒ¤


Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th November

The first Monday in November and what a lovely day it was!

I really enjoyed my sunny afternoon walk. It was reasonably warm for the time of year.

Shame about my calf muscle, it was still so very sore 😏

Just work on Tuesday, same on Wednesday plus a little walk with Jackie and Alfie 🐶 and a nice cuppa tea ☕️

While I was at work one of my customers said to me ‘I’ve seen your story in the newspaper’. Oh yes, I’ve been in the Chippy News recently. ‘No, there’s a big picture of you in the Cotswold Journal’. So I managed to get hold of a copy and had a look. Where on earth had they got my story from, I hadn’t sent anything to them. This was completely unexpected. After a bit of investigating I found that apparently the QE Hospital in Birmingham had sent my story to them!

Do you remember that I posted a link on here about a man that was walking miles with a sandwich board looking for a kidney for his wife. Well she got one! 😁

Now her husband says he is still going to go out walking with his sign to promote organ donation and the need for donors. Have a read 👀

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