Snails 🐌


Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th February

On Thursday I went back to volunteer at the hospital, the first time since I had torn my calf muscle in November. Not being able to walk or drive, then Christmas and a couple of other appointments and things had all seemed to get in the way!

I went off for my usual walk afterwards. I had already decided to walk the exact same route as I took when I tore my calf muscle. As I got nearer to the crossing I did feel a bit apprehensive and was very thankful when I managed to get to the other side of the road in one piece!

Following the storm damage to my car it has been tucked away in a garage in Banbury since the 19th January while all the repairs were being done. I finally heard that it was ready for collection so we went to pick it up on Friday, later in the afternoon. Not really the best thing to do after a busy day at work and it being just the right time of day to get stuck in all the traffic πŸš™πŸšŒπŸš™πŸš—πŸš›

The MOT had run out on my car now. So I drove it straight back to another garage in our town where it was booked in for its MOT on Saturday morning.

And guess what? It failed πŸ˜– Yep, brilliant! Tyres, track rods (whatever on earth they might be?!) and brake pipes. And there’s an oil leak which also needs investigating too. When am I ever going to get my car back all sorted and ready to drive πŸ€”

Not the best news to start the ‘not very busy’! weekend.

(I just wanted to show you these fun teapot cosy’s which I found while having a look around on the Internet.

Aren’t they great?) πŸ™‚


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