It’s my birthday! 🎁🎂


Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th February

My birthday weekend was a bit difficult at times ☹️

On Saturday morning I did enjoy helping to clear up the stones from Gary’s garden. (Remember that his wall had fallen down and some of it had hit my car?)

Then there was a Saturday evening bus ride to Oxford with some of the family and a meal out in Cosmo’s, one of those eat as much as you like restaurants with a range of dishes from all over the world. They certainly made their money out of me! as I didn’t have very much to eat, but what I did have was very nice 😋

We popped in to a couple of places for a drink afterwards, one being in The Varsity Club on their rooftop terrace. It was very cold! Thank goodness blankets were provided 🤣

On Sunday morning Robyn made me a nice cup of tea and then made me bacon sandwiches for my birthday breakfast.

In the afternoon there was a walk in Batsford Arboretum, 56 acres of wild gardens, paths and streams.

Back to Julie’s house for presents, tea and birthday cake and a visit from Lucie and Joey 👶 so a little cuddle which cheered me up a tiny bit.

Have a look at what’s inside this red storage container. Great isn’t it? As much as I love it I really couldn’t live in it. There’s just not enough room for all of my junk 🙄

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