No blood 💉


Monday 5th to Friday 9th March

I took Robyn for her yearly kidney check up appointment early on Monday morning. What a time that turned out to be! It was all going reasonably well, apart from the fact that neither of us was in the mood to sit waiting. I was SO uncomfortable, my hip was really hurting 😖 and Robyn just really didn’t want to be there!

We finally saw the consultant and then after another fidgety wait Robyn was finally called in to have her blood taken. We had seen the posters in the waiting room and had thought what a good idea this was, knowing from experience in a slightly different matter just how hard it was for nurses to take blood from me when my veins had already been used so many times.

So she told the nurse to take the blood from her hand, it was very painful and the blood would not come out! So in the arm it had to be anyway.

Then Robyn decided to almost pass out! She was as white as a ghost. She was looking at me but there was just nothing in her eyes. Her blood pressure had dropped very low. A doctor had to come and check her over and she had to go to a bed in a side ward for a lie down and to recover. Then the doctor came back and still wanted to take the rest of the blood that they couldn’t get before! Thankfully he was much more successful.

Robyn was also due back at work and had clients booked in, so I had to ring and get hold of her boss and explain the situation.

Robyn started to feel better and we were allowed to go home. She then went off to work, much later than she was expected to, and I walked straight down to Nero’s to meet my brother-in-law John (the Christmas cake maker!) for a coffee, and then my sister joined us when she had finished at the doctors!

In the evening my cold started. As suddenly as that!

You could say that work on Tuesday was rather difficult to get through. I had a non stop runny nose, there was lots of sneezing and watery eyes. Every item of shopping I had to pick up and put through the till felt very heavy! I just didn’t feel well at all. At one point my eyes went very funny, it was kind of like I was looking through patchy clouds, I couldn’t see what I was doing, so I managed to be allowed off my checkout and just stood doing nothing for a few minutes. Thankfully they cleared a little. I was very glad to get home.

I didn’t feel too brilliant for the rest of the week. As well as the cold, I also had my Shingles virus to deal with, which makes you feel unwell enough on its own. Both my hip and toe were hurting as well.

On Wednesday I had my appointment to go for an X-ray on my hip. I know the radiographer from when I used to work at the hospital quite a few years ago now, she showed me the xray on her screen which was quite fun to see! She told me that she thought it looked okay but it has to be looked at by a doctor for the official results.

A little walk with Robyn. Do you remember the snowdrift?

I wasn’t well enough to volunteer, but I went out for our Thursday evening walk, though I didn’t really feel like it and I probably shouldn’t have 😏

I spent Friday afternoon with a coffee in Nero’s and I wrote another letter to my second donor’s family 💙

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