Tired 😡


Wednesday 21st to Thursday 29th March

During this time we’ve had some nice sunny days and some heavy rainy days! 🌀🌧

I’ve had some feeling fed up days, times when I just can’t concentrate on a single thing, which makes me very frustrated and even more fed up, and I’ve just been so very, very, very tired. Yes, even more than normal, if that’s possible 😡

I came across this tiny article!

“At last I found a good explanation of the difference between fatigue and being tired.

Fatigue is often confused with tiredness. Tiredness happens to everyone – it’s a feeling you expect after certain activities or at the end of the day. Usually, you know why you are tired and a good night’s sleep solves the problem.

Fatigue is a daily lack of energy; it is excessive whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep. It can last for a short time (a month or less) or stay around for longer (six months or longer). Fatigue can prevent you from functioning normally and gets in the way of things you enjoy or need to do.”

Fatigue is a symptom of PBC. Some days I think okay, maybe I am just tired. But other days I think it is probably a bit more than that, the dreaded fatigue. It’s tough πŸ˜–

On Thursday 22nd I had to go for another hysteroscopy and biopsy, to check for any more changes in the cells due to my previous diagnosis of hyperplasia. (An increase in the number of cells in an organ or tissue. These cells appear normal under a microscope. They are not cancer, but may become cancer).

I had to be up extra early so that I could get a lift into Banbury with Leah. This meant that I was very early for my actual appointment time, so at 7.38am I went for a 1.78 mile walk! 😱 Good job it was a lovely sunny morning.

Thankfully I didn’t need to go into the operating theatre for my procedure (this made me a little scared the last time 😫). And it was over and done with a lot quicker than before. I never really used to bother too much but now I just don’t like having anything at all done to me anymore. The nurse made me a cup of tea and then I was able to leave. Let’s hope the results are good ones!

I walked back into town and treated myself to a coffee and a nice walk by the canal before I caught the bus home.

A sunny Sunday afternoon and a walk with Robyn – we were now able to go up the ‘snowdrift’ lane!

It’s finally back to its normal self!

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