Nanny’s Day 😍


Saturday 26th to Thursday 31st May

27th May 2014, the day we lost our amazing mum/nanny 😰

Now on this day every year, which we have named Nanny’s Day, we go and do something that my mum would enjoy 🙂

This year was a visit to Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe in Oxford.

When we all still lived at home we often played board games together. Playing cards too. (I never remember my dad playing, I reckon he used to have a little nap on the sofa!) I think this was something that came from my mum’s side of the family as I remember playing cards with my nan and grandad too when we went to stay with them 😍

We sat down at our table. Straight away my sister noticed that on the shelves right in front of her was Mine a Million, one of the favourite games that we used to play a lot of the time. Can you believe that? It seems it was meant to be 😳

Luckily my sister remembered the rules of the game which made things a bit easier.

Hannah was the winner, she made her million dollars first 💵

31st May – the month ended with tremendous thunderstorms that went on for hours! I went to bed late, the rain and thunder had finally stopped but the lightning was still lighting up the whole sky ⚡

Of course we had been out for our usual Thursday evening walk! We started off in the dry but then the storm soon arrived. So much rain was coming down that the drains just couldn’t clear it. We all got soaked to the skin. It was fun though!

I could have rung out my socks when I got back, I have holes in my trainers 😱

We then had a fun evening. I led with Leah on her bed listening to her music and watching and listening to the storm while Robyn was naked on the landing sorting out her bags before getting in the shower 🤣

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