Noisy birds πŸ¦…


Sunday 12th to Thursday 23rd August

A nice welcome back message.

Missed you too 😘

Getting back into reality after a nice week in Cornwall was quite hard. It was made even harder by the fact that Leah was now down in Cornwall on her holiday (I wasn’t able to have the extra time off from work so that I was able to go and join her ☹️)

Robyn and Leah had done a good job in looking after all my flowers while I was gone. I had given them full instructions before I left! Thank you girlies πŸ‘

I came back to some pretty sunflowers πŸŒ»πŸ˜ƒ

I don’t think too much has happened πŸ€” Maybe a couple of minor disasters!

I locked myself out one day πŸ™ƒ In the morning my door key had somehow come unattached from my key ring. I just put it down loose on the table. When I went out in the afternoon I just took my key ring with me. I realised as soon as I shut the door, oh fiddle my key’s not on there. Luckily Robyn was at work so I was able to go down into town and call in and borrow hers.

I also didn’t get very much sleep one night 😴 But not for any exciting reasons! I was late going to bed anyway and then the birds that seem to have come to live in the eaves of our house and right outside my bedroom, were having a party and were very noisy all night long. I even put my pillow over my head but it was still annoying. I took to the sofa in the end, but I still couldn’t get to sleep for ages and then I was woken by Leah at 6am when she got up for work. It was quite hard getting up and ready to go to work on 3 hours sleep and then I had a pre-arranged walk straight after. It was an enjoyable walk, four and a half miles, and surprisingly I really didn’t feel too bad. For some strange reason I then decided to cook dinner for us all and tidied away. Then my body wasn’t too happy 😫

I have been going to work and then when at home I’ve been trying to get into the mood for sorting stuff out about the house. Sometimes I’ve been more successful than others. I keep choosing to go out on walks instead though, much more fun and a good distraction for my muddled head 🀯

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