Mop Fair 🎡


Friday 14th to Friday 21st September

Chipping Norton Mop Fair was in town this weekend.

“The mop fair was also originally known as a hiring or statute fair, and was where farm workers and servants would gather with an item depicting their trade, and a tassle on their lapel, which became known as a ‘mop’.

Employers would come and choose the worker they wanted to employ for the next year, and would give them a ‘hiring penny’ to signify an agreement. The worker could then spend the money they had been given at the fair’s stalls.”

I wonder what they would think if they could see the kinds of rides that come to the Mop Fair now!

I’ve got nothing else really to report apart from the fact that I spoke to Dr Fisher over the phone about a few things and he had looked at my blood pressure results from when I was wearing my monitor the other day and he said it was fine, the average was not too low, so my medication for this just stays the same. But he does want to check my bloods as I’ve been feeling SO tired and have been struggling a bit 😖

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