Birds đŸĻ…


Monday 4th to Friday 15th February

Well done to Buzz 🚗 for passing his MOT. Phew!

I still keep having days where I just don’t feel well. I don’t really know what that’s all about 😖

And I’m nearly always completely exhausted đŸ˜ĩ

Do you remember me telling you last summer about the birds that were living in part of my roof right by my bedroom window and that I had to keep going downstairs and sleeping on the sofa as they were just SO noisy. I’ve still been able to hear them a little throughout the winter so I decided that I needed to do something about it this year as I just don’t want loads more sleepless nights again. When the babies get in there too its such a racket! I asked my brother George (who’s luckily a roofer!) to come with his ladder and sort the problem. There is a hole at the edge of the tiles which is where they get in and out. When he got up there he could see in the hole clearly, the birds had obviously gone out for the morning! He could see quite a big nest and it was empty. So he was then able to put some cement in the hole to block their entrance.

When I looked out later in the afternoon the birds were sat on the aerial as usual, wondering what on earth had happened I imagine 😱 When I came back from work the next day, there they were sat on the aerial again. I do feel so very guilty ☚ī¸

Happy Birthday to my brother Peter đŸģ

And Happy Birthday to my sister Julie on Valentines Day ❤ī¸

We’ve had a couple of lovely days weatherwise ☀ī¸

I was able to go for a quite warm and sunny walk in the park after volunteering.

Such a beautiful blue sky. Can you see the moon?

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