Happy Birthday 🎁


Saturday 16th to Tuesday 19th February

A Saturday night out for my birthday.

A trip to Cosmo, an all you can eat world buffet restaurant in Oxford.

So the evening started with us all waiting at the bus stop – for a bus that just never turned up! (We later found out that there had been a breakdown). So there was then a mad dash back to different homes to pick up two cars so we could make our own way there, as the time of the next bus would just not get us there in time for our booked table.

It was SO incredibly busy in the restaurant. We eventually sat down and ordered our drinks. When they finally arrived, the waiter stood behind Robyn and her boyfriend to hand them out, tipped the tray and knocked a full pint down Warwick’s side and on to Robyn’s coat!

I hadn’t been feeling too great all day, I didn’t really feel like eating so I didn’t have hardly any of the food, but I think all the others enjoyed it πŸ€”

I don’t think there were any more disasters!

And then on to Junkyard Golf Club for some crazy golf.

We obviously chose the course called ‘Gary’ – “This course has all of your garage needs, think 90’s tunes, a scrapyard slide and a UV garage room! Wind your way through written-off cars and auto-junk in our scrapyard challenge”.

Here’s me!

There was another trip to Oxford on my actual birthday. This time I dragged Robyn and Leah along for a walk down by the river in the rain 🌧😱

We saw some lovely boats on the river!

We found a nice little cafe where I had an afternoon tea πŸ₯ͺ🧁

And then I just chilled and watched the football on the TV in the evening.

Oh and Robyn made me a cake πŸ˜‹ #spoilt

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