Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th February

A couple of days off work using up holiday allowance, some sorting out done, more stuff for the charity shop 👍

Some lovely weather we’ve had. Very unusual for this time of year but its just heaven for me. I don’t like the cold and it means that I get to feel my fingers! It was time for some extra walks whenever possible to enjoy the warm sunshine.

It was four years since my first transplant on the 22nd.

So my treat to myself to celebrate – a croissant with some tasty strawberries for breakfast.

This was all followed by a weekend of watching sport on the TV.

Six Nations Rugby on Saturday. And a trip to the pub to watch the football, Manchester United v Liverpool on Sunday.

Do you think the reason I so enjoy watching all these sports now is maybe something to do with what I affectionately call my ‘man liver’ 💙

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