My song 😍


Tuesday 24th to Monday 30th September

Seems like it’s time for yet another virus for me to deal with β˜ΉοΈπŸ€’

On Facebook I belong to a group called Share Your Wishes, a group of transplant recipients, parents of children who have had transplants, live donors and donor families.

On Thursday evening Sarah from Share Your Wishes was live on Seahaven FM (96.3 and online at which attracts listeners from all around the world) for the 7th Share Your Wishes show.

During the show the music that was played was all chosen by people touched by organ donation.

And they played my song! 😍

You can have a listen to the show here Seahaven FM

My song was on first. Be a little patient, it comes on after the news and weather etc!

It was a great radio show to listen to, very emotional. Such lovely songs had been chosen by everyone.

So you can also listen to the second half of the show here Seahaven FM

I hope you enjoy 🎢

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